How to Keep People Talking About Your Event Long After It Ends

You know the drill. The big day has come, and nearly gone, your delegates had a great time, there were no embarrassing faux pas on stage and the last guest has just left. It’s time to plan the next event, you think.

Perhaps not. There’s still some promotional work to be done!

Social media management platform Buffer recently published a study on the percentage of social media posts before, during and after an event.

It should come as no surprise that the bulk of the posts happened before and during the event (40% and 42%) but a staggering 18% happened after the event had ended.

Goes to show that there’s something to be gained for post-event follow up that’s artfully done. You occasionally see it on social media, quite often by the big corporate giants with lots of resources to devote to customer service and support.

It doesn’t have to be this way though. With a few tips and helpful insights, you could learn to delight your delegates long after they attended your event.

Here come 3 tips to get people talking about your event after it ends

1. Celebrate press mentions

Buffer’s study mentions this as a route to keeping the conversation going. Did the event get any press mentions? Celebrate! Let your delegates know just how valuable they were in creating the event, and remind everyone that didn’t attend of what they can be a part of, next time.

2. Ask for feedback

Now’s your chance to get feedback to improve the event. Whether it’s a gentle reminder to fill an online evaluation form, or dealing with awkward post-event queries on social media, make the effort to shine the spotlight on those who actually respond; this encourages others to get involved.

3. Use delegate questions in press follow up

If you gathered questions from your delegates before or during the event, you can compile these valuable nuggets of audience interaction into your press kit for the next event.

How? We’ve created a platform to help you do just that.

Assenty is a social Q&A platform that helps event organisers promote their events by inviting questions for the speakers on social media.

Event organisers submit a few details about their event at to get a question board, a URL which anyone can post questions to, for free.

This interactive question board doubles up as a social media and search engine friendly archive of all the questions asked at the event, and their answers.

Questions shared on social media are a helpful reminder of the day, and can be sent along with other data when conducting that follow up call with journalists.

Why not take a few of the tips above and apply it at your next event? You may just be surprised by the results.

We’re running a free webinar next week on using question boards to create fresh social media content that gets more people signing up for your event. Sign up to learn more.

Image credits:
Rick Ladd, M3, Momentum Solutions, ResponseSource