Daily Q&A – Day 17 – 3 Ways to Engage with Your Audience After the Event

Did you know there are typically nearly as many social media posts leading up to an event as there were during the event, 40% before, and 42% during the event?

That’s according to a study by social media management tool Buffer and leading event ticketing platform Eventbrite.

In comparison only 18% of the social media posts came after the event, but that’s still a sizeable number, nearly 1 in 5 social media posts are in the follow up after the event!

This instalment of the Daily Q&A challenge takes a look at how to make the most of that interaction time with your audience, after your successful event has ended.

The study by Buffer and Eventbrite outlined that much of the conversation on social media after an event were press coverage and feedback.

Armed with that information, here are three creative ways to engage with your audience, after the event.

1. Arrange a Twitter Chat, and invite feedback

Twitter chats are a pre-arranged conversation on Twitter, around a chosen hashtag, during which questions and answers are relayed between the chat organiser and anyone who wishes to get involved.

Consider creating a Twitter chat for getting feedback after the event, and promote this during the event.

This is a creative way to build on the pre-event buzz on Twitter, and invite feedback from those that may have declined to fill in an evaluation form before leaving the venue.

2. Celebrate all press coverage

Media coverage for an event can come from the most unexpected places, from post-event blog posts by attendees, to full-column reviews and write-ups in mainstream media outlets.

These are a great way to further engage with the audience at the event, and provide incentives to attend the next. Share these press mentions on social platforms, and encourage dialogue around them.

3. Ask for feedback, and take action

Feedback after an event is likely to be both positive and negative. Use this to your advantage. Spotlight areas that allow negative feedback to form a positive experience in future for the attendee, and publicly acknowledge those sharing positive feedback as partners to the success of future events! Because they are…

So there you have it, three creative ways to engage with your audience long after the event concluded.

Do you want to take action but don’t know how to ask for feedback? Are you looking for a way to elicit a little more information than you can glean from a simple audience poll on Twitter?

We’ve built an interactive platform for asking and answering questions in real-time at assenty.com. It’s free to post and vote for questions, and incredibly easy to use, simply log in with Twitter, visit the relevant question board and post your question in seconds flat. And, because questions can be rewarded, the ‘asker’ could nab Gold, Silver or Bronze question award, something to tweet about!

Assenty makes it easy to track questions and their answers; by using a question board hosted on the platform, each question is permanently linked to its answers, and the hashtag automatically added whenever a question, or the question board is shared on social media.

To demonstrate, I’ve put together a question board with some questions about engaging an audience after an event. I’d like to invite you to add yours if you have one.

How to add your question:

Here’s an example from the question board, embedded into this blog post:

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