3 Fresh Ideas to Get Your Event Trending on Social Media

You know the feeling… you click on the hashtag for your event in a tweet and boom, you land on a seemingly never-ending list of tweets, all gushing and buzzing about your event. Wow, all that hard work prepping the venue, sending out invites, connecting on social media, worked, people really love it… Wow.

This is a good feeling to have. Sadly, quite often it only happens on the day of the event. How to get it before?

Here are 3 fresh ideas to get your event trending on social media, before it happens

1. Run a competition (or contest)

Competitions work really well as a way of growing awareness about your event – who doesn’t like winning? Tools like Wishpond and Woobox make it easy to run competitions on Twitter and manage entries. Do keep an eye on the guidelines from Twitter.

2. Have a fount of content ideas for building anticipation

According to a study by social media management platform Buffer, there were nearly as many posts leading up to an event as there were during the event itself (40% and 42% of total posts, respectively).

If you’re that way inclined you can come up with creative ways of building anticipation for your event like encouraging people to share details of their ticket purchase, or asking people to post what they are looking forward to most about the event. It is an art form.

3. Invite questions for your speakers

A very simple way to get fresh content shared about your event is to invite questions for your speakers. You can then amplify these on your social media channels as they come in.

We’ve built a social Q&A platform called Assenty that lets you do just that.

Assenty has come up with the concept of a ‘question board‘, a URL which anyone can post questions to, for free.

Questions submitted are easily shared on social media and can be embedded on websites and blogs like this:

For more on how Assenty works, do check out this longer description

We’re running a free webinar next week on using question boards to create fresh social media content that gets more people signing up for your event. Sign up to learn more.

Image credits:
Freebie Mom, Business 2 Community, Coach Jessie May