3 Simple Tips for Getting More People to Sign Up for Your Event

It’s easy to forget that events work because people love to get involved in things they enjoy. Organising an event? Use this to your advantage and get more people signing up for, and promoting your event.

Here are 3 simple tips for getting more sign ups for your event

1. Give people a simple way to engage

No event would exist without a #hashtag these days. Make yours memorable and start using it in all event promotional material well before the event.

2. Invite people to engage

Now you have an event, and it has a hashtag, be sure to invite interaction whenever posting about the event online.

An easy-to-remember tactic for Twitter is to start at least one tweet with a Who, What or Why question.

Here’s an example you can use: Who wants an exclusive pass to the invite-only post-event dinner?

3. Ask people for questions

You can ask for questions for speakers at the event. How? With a question board!

We’ve developed a social Q&A platform for inviting questions for speakers at an event at assenty.com.

Want to know what your guests might want to discuss? Put up a question board!

Want to create buzz around that big name headline speaker on social media? Put up a question board and perhaps offer a prize for the most voted question!

We’re running a free webinar next week on using a question board to get more people signing up for your event. Sign up to learn more!

Image credits:
OHAssist, Trecebits, Interaction Design Foundation, Business 2 Community