Video Catchup: #VirtuallySpeaking Webinar on Lockdown Easing and Mental Wellbeing

The recap video for our #VirtuallySpeaking Webinar on Lockdown Easing and Mental Wellbeing is here!

Wondering what to make of this transition to a transition to the new normal?

We discussed this at the last #VirtuallySpeaking event

We started running these #VirtuallySpeaking webinars at the start of the lockdown and the fifth instalment took place as lockdown restrictions began to lift across the UK.

Read on for a brief recap, or, alternatively, sit back and watch the video of the full event to hear from a panel of experts including HR and Culture consultant Kate Wood, co-active life coach Mandy Sinclair (@_BestLifeCoach), Onyinye Udokporo (@OnyinyeUdokporo) Director & Founder at Enrich Learning and Dan Willis (@daniel_willis), Ambassador for Mind, and Co-Founder of Well Good, a mental health care product that prevents employee crisis in the workplace.

Podcasts more your thing? We’ve got that covered. Listen to the podcast.

Keep an eye out for announcements! After a break in August, the #VirtuallySpeaking events resume next month.