4 tips for creating polls that spark engagement

Over the past few months, we’ve been talking to our community about events and what we can we do to better support those event professionals we work with.

You’ve asked us to learn more about Assenty – the platform and just what it can do for your event. In this blog we’re taking a look at Assenty Polls, sharing 4 tips for creating polls that spark engagement

1.Keep it simple

Our polls are simple to set up, once you’ve created a question board – more on that here, you can simply add a poll to that ‘event’ and you’re on your way. Polls are a way of asking a quick question and getting a quick and focused response, you can create up to 4 answer options but as we all know sometimes ‘less is more’ and we find some of the polls with the highest response rate are the ones that just offer yes or no or agree/disagree options. 

You can also use this type of question to generate more poll questions or content – more on this here

2. Don’t be boring

Our clients are usually using our polling functionality in conjunction with an event so it stands to reason that the poll questions are largely about elements of that event but whilst you might have a requirement for your poll questions to provide you with important info, you can still get creative and make them fun.

Here’s an example of a recent poll we ran about whether an event should be ‘in person’ or remain virtual – the answers are conversational and a bit more ‘human’ than your standard poll.

We also encourage our clients to look on the lighter side when it comes to polling especially in the current world of virtual events and to ask some fun, engaging questions whether that’s about what they’re wearing for the event, what’s on their lunch menu or if they have a pet or child by their side – there’s plenty of ways to engage a virtual audience through the power of polls.

3. Make it relevant

If you’re looking to create high engagement then posting polls which are relevant to the issues of the day are a must, for example, you may be running a tech conference and have seen news about an upturn in tech roles or the launch of a new product, this is the perfect opportunity to ask your audience what they think, jump on a topical issue and create engagement for your event.

There’s an added bonus to this too in that it helps shape the content for your event, you’ll be able to see from your Assenty Dashboard and your own social media stats which topics are creating engagement and you can use that insight to ensure you’re talking about the issues your audience is interested in.

4. Use the results to generate more content

As well as shaping your event and giving insight into your audience, polls are a fantastic way to generate content. From the snappy polls we mentioned in point 1, you can create further questions

For example, ’55% of respondents said they weren’t comfortable yet with in-person’ events – why is that? – and then provide a range of options to further explore the topic.

You can also use statistics from your polls to create content like blogs, video, podcasts and more, whether that’s just presenting the facts or delving deeper perhaps even discussing them in a further event.

Our polls are interactive, intuitive and a great addition to your event and you can try them out for FREE! 

Not sure how to get started or need some further support? Why not visit our advice page and explore our additional services.

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