Virtually Speaking Recap: Lockdown Easing and Mental Wellbeing

On Wednesday 22nd July we hosted the fifth in the #VirtuallySpeaking event series from Assenty in response to the #COVID19 outbreak and the move to remote working for the majority of businesses.

We spoke to our community about the topics that were most important to them and with lockdown continuing to ease, this time we returned to the topic of Mental Wellbeing

We invited along a panel of experts including HR and Culture consultant Kate Wood, co-active life coach Mandy Sinclair (@_BestLifeCoach), Onyinye Udokporo (@OnyinyeUdokporo) Director & Founder at Enrich Learning and Dan Willis (@daniel_willis), Ambassador for Mind, and Co-Founder of Well Good, a mental health care product that prevents employee crisis in the workplace.

Alongside host Chi-Chi Ekweozor the panel discussed just what the ‘ new normal’ for employers and employees will be like, how employers need to be working even harder on issues like inclusion, diversity and clarity of communication and how individuals can safeguard their mental wellbeing whilst we are still in uncertain times. From focusing on the facts in order to make decisions to being kind to yourself and knowing when to reach out for support.

You can now catch up in podcast form! or watch our Top Takeaways video!

What’s next? 

Virtually Speaking is taking a short break during August but will be back with a bang in September. You’ve helped us shape the conversation so far and we want that to continue – please vote in our quick poll and tell us what you’d like to hear about next!

The conversation doesn’t have to end

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