Virtually Speaking Webinar: Lockdown easing and Mental Wellbeing

For the fifth event in our new Virtually Speaking series, we are hosting a FREE webinar and social Q&A session on Lockdown easing and Mental Wellbeing from 2pm to 3pm GMT on Wednesday 22nd July.

Assenty founder Chi-chi Ekweozor (@thisischichi) will be joined by an expert panel including HR and Culture consultant Kate Wood, co-active life coach Mandy Sinclair (@_BestLifeCoach), Onyinye Udokporo (@OnyinyeUdokporo) Director & Founder at Enrich Learning and Dan Willis (@daniel_willis), Ambassador for Mind, and Co-Founder of Well Good, a mental health care product that prevents employee crisis in the workplace.

At what is proving to be a topical event, the panel will be discussing this relevant and important issue and sharing how to take care of our mental health as lockdown eases, what to anticipate as the world of work adapts again and where to fit in that all important time to ‘do you’.

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How does it work?

Want to get involved? You can, in three ways: you can sign up to attend the event on Zoom (it’s free), you can join the community on Slack and you can also send in questions for our speakers.

1. Register for the webinar

To register for the webinar, simply sign up by providing an email address. Details for logging on will be emailed to you.

2. Connect with the community

To connect with others attending before and after the webinar, please join the Community Slack group

3. Send in your questions and participate in polls!

We also have a question board ready for the social Q&A and we’d like you to send in your questions for our speakers at the Lockdown easing and Mental Wellbeing webinar before 12 noon on Wednesday 22nd July.

We are especially keen to hear from employers onboarding new team members in the new ‘new normal’.  Anonymous questions are welcome: to send one in simply click on the purple Post Anonymously button at the top of the question board

We will be posing your questions to the speakers during the event, with the question board updated in real-time with your responses.

We will also be running some quick polls on social media ahead of the event. Please take a moment to vote in the first poll, no registration required. We’ll also be regularly sharing additional polls on our Twitter Feed (@assentyapp) so please do get involved!