New Feature: Accept Questions and Feedback After Your Event Ends

It’s been a little while since we last blogged but that’s a good thing! We’ve been hard at work on a number of innovative new features and we’re thrilled to announce that the first one is live and ready for our users. Thanks for all the feedback that created this!

What if you could accept feedback and questions after your event ends?

Event organisers keep telling us that inviting feedback from delegates and attendees after an event ends is crucial for planning the next.

It is rare for audience interaction apps to accept feedback after an event has ended and delegates have left the building, however.

Perhaps this is because the technology to do so has proven cost prohibitive. Or, perhaps other platforms have overlooked the need for this capability.

In any case, it’s certainly something users want. Tracking the hashtag for an event offers up instances of delegates using Twitter to provide feedback to event organisers after it ends.

Now you can keep the conversation going on social media for 7 days

We’re pleased to announce that Assenty’s innovative live Q&A and audience polling platform now supports keeping the conversation going for up to 7 days after an event ends.

Question boards previously closed automatically the day after the event. Now they stay open for 7 days, meaning that more questions can be posted by delegates, voted on, answered, shared on social media, and even rewarded.

As has been the case since launch nearly two years ago, moderators can close a question board at any time.

Wait, what’s a question board?

Assenty has developed an innovative live Q&A and audience response platform that provides event organisers with a question board – a URL which anyone can post questions to, for free.

Every question posted is up for the public vote and event organisers can answer and reward questions in real-time. Questions can also be posted anonymously.

Where Assenty shines, compared to other audience Q&A platforms is the social interaction built into the platform from the get go.

Questions can be shared on social media and embedded on websites and blogs, with the hashtag automatically included.

Our users also love the fact that question boards can be created weeks or even months in advance of an event.

It makes the platform an easy to use tool for eliminating the tumbleweed moment before a Q&A session starts by inviting questions for the speakers from social media. Learn more about Assenty

Get instant event feedback from delegates via social media

Back to getting feedback after your event ends.

You could hand out evaluation forms to attendees before they leave but manually collating handwritten answers from countless pieces of paper is a tedious chore that is best avoided, we think!

Simply email (or tweet) a link to your question board and watch the responses come in in real time! Job done!!

Enjoy the new feature and as always, if you have any queries or comments, get in touch on Facebook or Twitter. You can also check out our FAQ.

Stay tuned! We’ll be blogging more new features in coming weeks.

Image credit: Wikihow