New Feature: Easy to use Pre-Event Live Polling on Social Media is here!

We’re really thrilled to be ending the year with this announcement!

After extensive customer consultation, we are finally ready to take the wraps off the first pre-event social polling system designed exclusively for event organisers!

It’s been a long time coming but Assenty polls are finally here!

It’s a highly requested feature and we cannot wait to share more about what our users are doing with them early in the new year.

As for the polls themselves, they are part of a significant new direction for Assenty.

Simply put, we exist to help event organisers deliver the perfect event faster.

Planning a conference, expo or exhibition?

Now, using polls, you can get audience insights, helpful feedback, questions for speakers, and more, before, during, and up to 7 days after your event!

Assenty’s secret sauce has always been our social-first approach.

Questions, question boards and, now, polls are easily shared on social media, making it incredibly easy for people to engage with your event well before it happens, and well after it ends.

How do we do it?

Well, we’ve designed an incredibly easy to use, interactive question board to manage all the feedback you can handle about an event, via a simple web address! No need to download and install an app!!

Simply tweet the link to your question board or email it to your attendee list before the event and we take care of the rest.

As an added bonus, after your event ends, the question board provides a permanent, online archive of answers to every question that you may have been asked.

Is it time to say good bye to paper evaluation forms? Maybe, just maybe.

Here’s a sneak peak of how polls created on Assenty look when shared on social media before voting begins.

And after some votes have been cast:

There are full details on how to create and use polls right here.

This is only the beginning!

Stay tuned for more developments and news of an exciting event we have coming up next month.

Till then have an amazing Christmas and a happy New Year.