Pricing Changes = we’d love your feedback

A year ago two days ago Assenty launched amid little fanfare. All you could do was post questions. You couldn’t sign in with Twitter, and moderators couldn’t answer questions. Compared to what you can do today on the platform, it was barely usable, but launch we did.

And learnt a ton of things.

Thank you so much to every one that’s created a question board, voted for or posted a question or otherwise interacted with a question board. You’re worth more than you know! Keep all your feedback coming, we really appreciate it.

Now is a good time to reflect, and share our plans going forward.

Assenty is a social Q&A platform. We make it easy for event organisers to answer questions from any audience. If you’d rather a longer description, here’s a short summary.

Assenty has been bootstrapped from the very beginning meaning our pricing was to evolve as we better understood the customers we sought to serve.

So, when we launched last year, we set a £1 per question board price point and ran with it.

Twelve months in, we know we’ve built something people want, that being able to invite questions on social media for speakers at an event boosts awareness of the event and promotes the speakers at the same time.

We know it is something event organisers expect to pay for because there are already established companies offering audience interaction features in pay-to-use event apps.

We also know we offer something different! Unique, even.

Going forward, the £1 per question board price remains but we’ll be moving to a pricing model where you pay for a bundle of question boards at a time. The starting bundle price is £10 and we will shortly be launching some very exciting new features for monthly (£30/month) and yearly (£360/year) subscribers.

Please sign up to our mailing list to be in the know when the amazing new plans land.

I wrote this because I’d like to invite any questions you may have about the pricing. Please post them on this question board.

We’ll respond to them as they come in.

How to ask your question:

Here’s one just in:

Thanks for reading this far and look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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