We launched! Assenty, the social Question Board service is live

After seven months of hard work in stealth mode, I’m delighted to announce the launch of Assenty, the social question board service for events, now live at assenty.com.

Assenty is an online Q&A service which provides anyone running an event with a real-time ‘question board’, a search and social media friendly archive of questions asked at the event, updated in real-time.

The service, which supports both real and virtual events, solves the problem of easily getting questions from an audience. By posting questions and votes to an interactive online platform reminiscent of early Twitter, audience members interact with an event’s question board and with other audience members in real-time.

Event organisers can reward top voted questions with Gold, Silver or Bronze Question Award badges that can be shared on social media.

To get a question board, simply register a few details about your event at assenty.com. The details required are the name of the event, a short description, the event’s #hashtag, the Twitter handle of the organiser and the URL of any website you wish to link to. Hit ‘Submit event’ and you will be provided with a link to your question board.

It’s free to register your first event, after that it costs £1 per event.

I was inspired to create Assenty after observing the need for such a service at an event put on by my local church. We were having to send SMS messages to someone’s mobile phone to get questions displayed onto the projector screen during the Q&A session.

Initially it was amusing to try to guess who texted what question but it became apparent that it was nigh on impossible to sort questions to be answered into any order of priority. That’s when I thought, “there’s got to be a better way…”

It’s early days but it’s been such a joy creating Assenty and seeing how the real-time functionality of the question board invites interaction. I’m excited to see how people put it to use.

Do give it a play; sign up for a free account and invite people to post questions to your (free) question board. If you have any questions please tweet @assentyapp or join our
Slack group.

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