New Pricing and New Features

We’ve worked hard over the summer retooling Assenty with some smashing new features and we’re pretty excited about them!

Assenty is not just a question board service. It is a social Q&A platform focussed on helping event organisers promote their events online.

Assenty helps event organisers promote their events by creating rich social media content from the posting of questions by delegates, and would-be delegates, before, during and after an event. Here’s a short description of how it works.

We’ve made lots of refinements to the platform to support event organisers as they grow an engaged community of people asking questions and receiving answers at their events.

Some of the new features include an impressive credits system, a new billing section within the dashboard and a rock-solid notifications system so that you don’t miss a thing.

We’re particularly pleased with how our innovative Auto-invite Previous Posters feature worked out but more on this later.

Read on for more on the shiny new things.

New feature: New Pricing

About a month ago, we blogged about an upcoming change to our pricing. It’s here: we have new price plans to reflect this new phase!

Question boards still cost £1 per event but we now have monthly (£30/month) and yearly (£330/year) subscription plans which allow event organisers to take advantage of our innovative features for growing an engaged community around their events.

At a glance:

The price plans are detailed in full on our Pricing page.

New feature: Auto-invite Previous Posters

It’s really easy to connect with potential attendees of your event on social media. Sometimes, however, you need a little more than a single tweet or Facebook post to engage them about your upcoming event.

This is where Assenty comes in.

By offering a simple way to promote your event online by inviting questions for your speakers, we make it really easy to grow an engaged community around your event with a question board.

Let’s say you’ve already created a question board on our (free) trial plan and had a few questions submitted.

When you sign up to the Pay Monthly or Pay Yearly plan, Assenty will automatically send invite emails to users that posted on your earlier question board every time you create a new one.

Users are also notified of your invite in the browser and will receive the invite email based on their email notification settings.

In essence, as a monthly or yearly subscriber, you benefit from a growing community of active users who are invited to post a question every time you create a question board.

We think this feature will help event organisers connect with potential delegates earlier, and plan more engaging events. Now all you need to do to find out what people want to discuss at your event is throw up a question board!

We’re answering questions about the new pricing and plans using a question board. Direct yours here.

A question is embedded below:

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