Daily Q&A – Day 3 – Outstanding Journalists

It’s Day 3 of our Daily Q&A challenge, and this time we’re shining a spotlight on journalists.

I’ve met a few journalists in my time and all were incredibly hardworking individuals, dedicated to uncovering news and issues of interest to the benefit of the wider community.

It’s amazing the lengths some will go to make sure that facts are checked and sources concealed so that a worthy individual in the local community gets the credit they deserve. Let’s hear it for the local news reporter!

Over to you. Do you know any outstanding journalists? Have you ever wanted to ask a reporter just one question at the end of a radio interview or magazine article?

Here’s your opportunity to put that question forward.

How it works

We’ve built an interactive platform for asking and answering questions in real-time at assenty.com. It’s free to post questions, and incredibly easy to use, simply log in with Twitter, visit the relevant question board and post your question in seconds flat.

So, if you could ask a journalist just one question, who would you ask?

Visit this question board to nominate a journalist and pose your question.

How to post your nomination:

Here’s an example:
Nick Davies, The Guardian: what made you choose investigative journalism?

Is there a Prize?

The names that win the most votes will each be rewarded with a question board dedicated to the winner’s own Q&A session.

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Image credit: MA Communication & New Journalism on Pinterest