Daily Q&A – Day 2 – Industry Veterans in PR

Yesterday, we kicked off our Daily Q&A challenge to demonstrate how to use the real-time Q&A platform we’ve developed over at assenty.com.

The search was for nominations for business leaders. Today, we’re continuing in much the same vein, this time focussing on an industry I know a little about – Public Relations (PR).

Spotlight on PR leaders

So, do you know any industry veterans in PR? Is there someone who you admire, whose catchy turn of phrase has built up an enviable clientele? And, have you ever wondered what you would give to know their secret sauce?

If you could only ask one question, what would you ask?

We’ve built an interactive platform for asking and answering questions in real-time at assenty.com. It’s free to post questions, and incredibly easy to use, simply log in with Twitter and post your question in seconds flat. All questions posted on the Assenty platform are up for the public vote. Questions can also be rewarded so you may walk away with a Gold Question award for the Twitter mantlepiece.

Visit this question board to nominate your burning question for industry leaders in PR.

How to post your nomination:

Here’s an example nomination:
Richard Branson, Virgin Group: what inspires you about space?

Is there a Prize?

The names that win the most votes will each be rewarded with a question board dedicated to the winner’s own Q&A session.

Stay in the loop

We’re blogging and tweeting our way through the Daily Q&A challenge. For updates, follow @AskWithAssenty on Twitter or like our Facebook page.

Want to run your own?

Fancy running a Q&A yourself? It’s easy to create your own question board. More details here.

Image credit: 10 Best PR