New Features: Real-time Stats and User Profiles

Assenty is a real-time Q&A web service. It is designed to make it easy to ask and instantly answer questions online. We started the year with a fresh lick of paint, a fresh focus and some new features. On to the fun!

New Feature: Real-time Stats

We’ve added a Stats tab to question boards that is updated in real time.

Now people visiting your question board online can see how active it is, without logging in. Finally, there’s one place to see how many questions, votes, answers and awards a question board has received.

Real-time stats mean that once a question, answer, award or vote is posted to your question board, the Stats tab is updated. This ‘silent’ screencast demonstrates how it works.

We think people will enjoy using this! Let us know what you think.

New Feature: User Profiles

Assenty is not a social network so we don’t envisage users clicking on buttons to ‘follow’ other users. At least not for now anyway. There are many fine establishments on the internets for that kind of thing(!)

We do think it is worthwhile having a place to view all the question boards created by a user. And that is what a user profile on Assenty is. Here’s an example.

How User Profiles are made
Your user profile is created automatically for you, using details you provided when you signed up or logged in with Twitter. You can find a link to your user profile in the My Information section of the Account screen in the Assenty dashboard.

As you use the service to create question boards, your user profile is populated with a link to each question board you add, and a few brief details about it, like what hashtag it was created with, when it was created and how many questions it received.

How are User Profiles used on Assenty
On question boards:
Each question board created by a user now includes a link to their user profile.

In search results:
A link to the user profile of the user who created it is now provided in search results for question boards.

In summary, a User Profile on Assenty shows some brief information about the user’s question boards.

Lots of enhancements

There are a fair few improvements and enhancements now in place on Assenty, from much nicer error pages (let us know if you ever see those :), to a more nuanced flow for payments by card. We poured a lot of heart into it over the last few months, and it shows. Enjoy.

Sold! How do I start?

To get started with a free Assenty account, sign in with Twitter, or with our sign up form. From there you can create a question board, or post a question on an existing question board.

And if you want to get answering questions on your question board, this screencast shows you how.

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Questions? Give us a shout on Twitter (@assentyapp), we’d love to help!

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