New Features: Browser Compatibility check and Enhanced Twitter Integration

A slew of improvements have been added to Assenty over the last month.

In case you wondered, Assenty is a real-time question and answer tool. Use it to ask and answer questions at physical and virtual events.

The new features: there is enhanced Twitter integration and an easy way to check whether your browser is compatible with the technology powering our question boards. Here comes more detail.

New Feature: Enhanced Twitter Integration

The eagle-eyed amongst you may notice that a link to your Twitter profile now shows up against your name when commenting on question boards if you login via Twitter.

It’s been a popular addition to the service since it’s addition and is a quick way to verify the identity of the person posting a question.

Here’s how it looks:

Each question now includes a link to the poster’s Twitter profile

New Feature: Browser Compatibility check

In addition, we now have a new and improved way of checking whether your browser supports WebSocket – the technology behind the bi-directional communications on Assenty question boards.

It can be frustrating to visit a live question board and be met with a blank page. No, it’s not you, it’s your browser!

Not all browsers support the WebSocket protocol, though most modern ones do.

Checking whether your browser supports WebSocket is a helpful way of determining whether you can post questions to an event’s question boards, particularly if you are visiting via mobile.


Visit the browser test page to check if your browser supports WebSocket.

If so, you should be able to view the questions on this question board.

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