#FemaleTechFounder – May event round up

After the rather brilliant pitching workshop and masterclass delivered by the NatWest Business Builder dream team at the April event, last week’s #FemaleTechFounder saw a return to our regular schedule.

And, rather excellent it was too!

We had a fascinating Q&A discussion on pivoting to scale, followed by an off-the-chart lightning talk on starting and growing a startup focused around supporting others with their pricing. Yes, really.

In case you missed it, here’s your brief round up.

Thank you again to Jenny Millar, founder, UntappedPricingScorecard, Terri Bourne (@bizimizi), entrepreneurship author and our brilliant host Claire-Marie Boggiano (@CMBoggiano), director, Lurig Change Management for an incredible session.

To kick things off, Business Book Awards 2021 finalist Terri Bourne spoke about her experiences in growing her first company from zero to expanding across 16 sites, managing the hiring process all the way through a recession and back, and then finding the time to write four business books!

There is more detail on her talk – definitely a must watch for anyone considering building a (series of) businesses one can safely retire from. Watch video.

After the introduction we had the never-long-enough break out sessions, after which we were soon back in the main Zoom room to hear from Jenny.

After a long stint working in eBay’s data science division, Jenny started Untapped, a consultancy that helps startups, scale ups and everything in between understand the power of pricing.

Her’s was a very, very informative talk – we literally had our eyes opened to the power of pricing and it’s effect on the user journey and product experience!

Here comes a video of her presentation. Watch video.

After the event we were delightfully surprised by some additional engagement via our interactive question board. You may be aware that we regularly run pre-event polls using the Assenty platform to gather audience insights before, during and after the event.

This event was no difference and we were delighted to learn a thing or two about our audience’s appetite for pivoting to scale from this poll, and this one.

We also had a question submitted which we have since answered via Twitter! One of the cool features of the question board is that content posted on it is inherently ‘social’ allowing us to run post event ‘social Q&A’, as we call it, where we can keep the conversation going.

As with all our events, you can catch up by listening to the podcast.

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