#FemaleTechFounder Night – Who said this?

As you may know, we’ve been running a light hearted ice breaker ahead of the first #FemaleTechFounder Night on Tuesday 5 February.

It’s been excellent to see the votes come in for Wednesday’s poll, as you can see from the results so far.

However, you are *all* wrong!

Those aren’t my 3 words…

Flattering though!

Here’s today’s poll. If you haven’t already, please vote in the 1st and 2nd polls.

Please vote to let us know who said this:
Determined, Achiever, compassionate

And a quick reminder: do sign up to attend #FemaleTechFounder Night next month. Tickets are flying, we are practically at 50% capacity, and we only started advertising on Monday! Yikes!!!

It’s free to attend. You can register on Meetup or Eventbrite.