New Feature: Troll Control – Delete Questions from Question Boards (Moderator only)

We’ve got a new feature to announce on Assenty! As with most of our feature announcements, this one was requested by users.

What’s Assenty?

Assenty is an easy way to get fresh content shared about your event on social media by inviting questions for the speakers.

Event organisers submit a few details about their event at to get a question board, a URL which anyone can post questions to, for free. No download required!

Every question posted is up for the public vote and event organisers can answer and reward questions in real-time. Questions can also be posted anonymously.

The question board can be sent to delegates ahead of the event, making the platform perfect for getting questions from Twitter for speakers on a panel, for example.

Want to know more? Read on.

Since launching last August we’ve not found it necessary to delete questions from question boards but sometimes you just want the peace of mind that this is possible, if necessary.

And now it is, and quick and easy it is too!

The screenshots that follow demonstrate deleting (inappropriate) questions from a question board. Before we dive in, two things to note:

  • Only the user who created a question board (identified as the Moderator) can delete questions.
  • When a question is deleted, a notice indicating “question deleted by moderator” will replace the text of the original question.

We have updated our Acceptable Use Policy to let people know moderators can now delete questions.

How to delete questions from a question board

1. Let’s imagine a question comes in on your question board that you deem inappropriate

2. Simply visit the Moderate page and click on the red Delete question button to delete the question

3. A notice indicating “question deleted by moderator” instantly replaces the text of the original question.

4. This happens in real-time as is demonstrated on the public view of the question board.

That’s it!

Enjoy the new features.

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