New Features: Add Clickable Sponsor Link to Question Boards

We’ve been adding new features apace on Assenty and are quite excited about this one.
If your event has a headline sponsor, you can now add a link to their website on your question board.

What is Assenty?

Assenty is a question board service that solves the problem of answering questions from the audience at events.

Event organisers submit a few short details about their event at to get a question board, a URL which anyone can post questions to, for free.

Each question submitted is up for the public vote and event organisers can answer and reward questions in real-time.

Assenty excels in supporting question and answer sessions at events like seminars and conferences. It is perfect for getting questions from Twitter for speakers on a panel ahead of an event, for example.

Because a moderator can add answers to the questions in real-time, a question board also functions as a search-engine-friendly, curated archive of the questions and answers asked at what is arguably the most engaging part of an event, the Q&A session.

Questions and question boards are easily shared on social media and individual questions can be embedded on websites and blogs. Here’s an example 👇

That’s Assenty in a nutshell but as we’ve found in developing the service, events quite often have sponsors.

Adding Links to Sponsors on a Question Board

These sponsors want pride of place in media mentions when the event is promoted online and quite rightly so.

Assenty now supports ensuring that your event’s sponsors get the profile they deserve.

You can now add a link to a sponsor’s website, or in the case of multiple sponsors, to a sponsor page for the event, to the sidebar to the left of your question board.

It’s as simple as adding the sponsor name and URL to the Register event form when adding details of an event on The form looks like this:

It’s worth noting: you do not need to add details of an event’s sponsors to get a question board, these details are optional – simply submit the form without making any changes to the sponsor name and url fields and you will be presented with a question board, sans sponsors.

If the optional sponsor link and name are provided in the form, as below:

It looks like this on the question board:

You can also add just a sponsor name without adding a link. Simply enter just the sponsor name and submit the form:

And it looks like this on the question board:

You get the same effect if you enter the word ‘None’ in place of a sponsor url as the form below demonstrates:

Removing Sponsor Names from a Question Board

What if you decide you no longer wish to show the sponsor on a question board?

Simply enter ‘None’ in the Sponsor name field as below:

and voila, the Sponsor name disappears!

Enjoy the new features and do let us know if you have any problems using them. Questions, comments and queries are most welcome on Twitter (@assentyapp) or Facebook. We’d love to help.