New Features: Slicker Moderation, and Emoji

We’ve added some new features we’re pretty excited about!

Now you can easily switch from the Moderate page to the public view of a question board when visiting question boards you created. And, there’s emoji 🚀.

New Feature: Slicker Moderation

Assenty is a real-time Q&A platform. It excels in supporting question and answer sessions at events like seminars and conferences. Event organisers submit a few short details about their event at to get a question board, a URL which anyone can post questions to, for free.

Every question posted is up for the public vote and event organisers can answer and reward questions in real-time.

It was designed to solve the problem of answering questions from an audience and is perfect for getting questions from Twitter for speakers on a panel at an event, for example.

It’s pretty easy to use, so we’re told, but we’ve made it even easier.

We’ve added a bright orange Moderate button to question boards and question pages that only the person who created the board, the moderator, can see.

The bright orange Moderate board button…
…takes you to the Moderate page

It makes it a doddle to switch from watching a question board to moderating it, provided you’re logged in, and the moderator, of course, and the question board is open. Question boards close automatically the day after they are created, as detailed in the FAQ.

The bright Moderate button also shows up on question pages:

We think this will be a handy time saver. Let us know what you think.

New Feature: Emoji

Assenty is written in Elixir and has actually supported emoji from day one courtesy of Elixir’s excellent support for the Unicode standard. Well, now you know!

You can drop emoji into your next question or answer as modelled in the question embedded below.

For tips on using emoji from your Mac/PC and your smartphone do check out this informative article.

Enjoy the new feature and please give us a shout on Twitter (@assentyapp) or Facebook if you have any comments, queries or suggestions. We’d love to help.

Image credit: Pop Sugar