New Feature: Clickable Links in Questions and Answers

It’s so easy to overlook the power of the humble hyperlink to add rich context and supplementary information to a piece of content on the web. Yet whole fortunes have been built on this, ask Twitter, Facebook or Google!

It is with great flourish we announce that the hyperlink… is now available in questions and answers posted on Assenty.

Simply post a link within a question or answer and it becomes clickable and accessible within the post.

Clickable and Space-aware Links

In addition to links being clickable the minute they are posted, long URLs are also automatically shortened on Question and Answer pages, to limit the amount of space they take up. Excellent!

You can see the new feature in action on this question board. A question from it is embedded below…

It’s been a busy month of blogging here at Assenty HQ. Regular readers will know we have just concluded the Daily Q&A challenge that ran through March and what a success it has been. It was a great opportunity to demonstrate Assenty online and connect with thought leaders in the event and tech blogging space, we’ll certainly be doing it again.

Enjoy the new feature and please give us a shout on Twitter (@assentyapp) or Facebook if you have any comments, queries or suggestions. We’d love to help.

Image credit: Quora