Daily Q&A – Day 5 – Top Tech Bloggers

It’s Day 5 of the Daily Q&A challenge and we’re turning our attention to blogs, tech blogs, to be precise.

Blogs covering technology, aka tech blogs, have firmly established a place for themselves in our daily media consumption habits, and it’s no wonder, the combination of shiny consumer gadgets, product launch insider gossip and the inevitable Apple/Google/Microsoft rumours, mean that tech news, is very much ‘real news’.

Barely a decade after the infamous Slashdot effect launched many a website during the Web 2.0 era, industry stalwarts like TechCrunch, The Next Web and Mashable cut a swathe of massive influence across the media landscape, and few can deny the power tech blogs have in driving traffic and interested readers to a company’s new product.

The question is, have you got a question for a top tech blogger?

Perhaps you’ve wondered about the upcoming iPhone 8? How much is it? Or maybe you’re curious about the downsides of owning a Microsoft Surface. Are there any?

If you could ask a top tech blogger a question, what would it be? And, who would you ask?

How to ask your question

We’ve built an interactive platform for asking and answering questions in real-time at assenty.com. It’s free to post questions, and incredibly easy to use, simply log in with Twitter, visit the relevant question board and post your question in seconds flat. You can also vote for questions. And, because questions can be rewarded, you could nab Gold, Silver or Bronze question award, at the very least, something to tweet about.

So, if you could ask a top tech blogger about Samsung’s latest shiny shiny, who would you ask?

Visit this question board to post your question to a top tech blogger.

How to post your question:

Here’s an example:
Sarah Perez, TechCrunch: when is machine learning at scale a bad idea for consumer tech?

Is there a Prize?

The names that win the most votes will each be rewarded with a question board dedicated to the winner’s own Q&A session.

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