So this is Christmas…

and what have we done?

Well, the short answer. A LOT. In a year that has been challenging for many businesses, we’re happy and extremely grateful to say that it’s been a busy year of growth for Assenty, working with new partners and creating new connections.

The last time we shared an update with you like this was back in March 2020 and well – we all know what happened after that!

Like many businesses we’ve had to shift our model and change the way we work, here’s a quick recap of just what we’ve been up to in the past few months.

Community First

Suddenly thrust into a virtual existence, we all knew lockdown was going to be tough and we wanted to create some positivity and give something back to our community during this time. So we created Virtually Speaking, a virtual event series designed to address the issues which mattered most at that moment, during the series we covered mental health and wellbeing, keeping fit, parenting and home-schooling and virtual events with amazing panels of experts in their field. The events were both well received and paved the way for what was to come for Assenty.

Purposeful Partnerships

There’s nothing like a good pivot right? And despite the events industry being told time and time again ‘you can’t do it’ well, between us all we found a way to make it work.. For Assenty we repositioned our product to be the perfect partner to a virtual event, not just a tech platform but an audience tool proven to increase engagement and backed up by our in-house events and social media expertise. Since March we’ve supported a range of events from Pankhurst Centre Queen Bee Coaching to the launch of Fund Her North to supporting Elixir Conf EU on the international stage and back again to our home town to work with pro-manchester on their Trailblazing Tech Conference creating record levels of engagement for that event.

Knowledge Sharing and Learning

We’re all about sharing and learning here at Assenty and our sister brand Female Tech Founder has continued apace during 2020, growing the community further and extending our offering with the introduction of The Coffee Hour, a collaborative community session and the Female Tech Founder Podcast allowing anyone and everyone to catch up after the event!

Our founder Chi-Chi has also been sharing our start-up story and her wisdom on a range of podcasts including Tech 4 Good Live, talking to She Can Prosper about surviving and thriving in a pandemic year and sharing tips on how to create your own success as part of the Tech Tales podcast series

And for 2021?

We’ve got big plans! 2020 has been challenging in many ways but it’s also allowed us to further develop our product and create an offering which is suitable for the events industry right now. We’ve got some great partnerships lined up and we’re excited to get going!

Thanks to everyone who has supported us during 2020!