#FemaleTechFounder Night – June

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Join us at 4pm on Wednesday 24 June at the #FemaleTechFounder Night as a panel of female tech founders and co-founders join forces by the power of video conferencing to tell their stories, celebrate successes and share what they’re looking forward to next.

Please note: This event is not just for women!

Everyone interested in tech, startups and everything that goes into creating products users love is invited!

Want to know what to expect? Here’s what happened at the last event. Want to watch the video? Please get in touch.

Running from 4pm-6pm, the event kicks off with a Q&A panel discussion on writing a successful bid for grant funding with Dr Paula Turner, Co-Founder, The Centre for Tendering and Sophie Walker (@Sophie_COO), COO and Co-Founder, Dsposal.

After the opening Q&A comes lightning talks by some amazing founders and an audience Q&A panel with all speakers at the end.

The event should finish around 6pm.

Speakers confirmed so far:

Annie Mbako, (@nieniedoo), Infosec Hoppers

Sonya Kimpton de Ville, (@SonyaKDV), CEO and Founder, Grapvyn

Andrea Silani, Co-founder, Lift Lessons (@lift_lessons)

Host: Claire-Marie Boggiano (@CMBoggiano), director, Lurig Ltd

It is free to attend but registration is required.

How does this online event work?

You can get involved in three ways: you can sign up to attend the event on Zoom (it’s free), you can join the community on Slack and you can also send in questions for our speakers.

1. Register for the online #FemaleTechFounder Night

To attend #FemaleTechFounder Night, simply sign up by providing an email address. Details for logging on to the event, which is being delivered via Zoom, will be emailed to you.

2. Connect with the community

To connect with others attending before and after the event, please join the Female Tech Founder Slack group we have recently set up.

3. Send in your questions, vote in the polls

We also have a question board ready for the social Q&A and social engagement taking place before, during and after the event and we’d like you to send in your questions for our speakers before 12 noon on Wednesday 24 June.

We will also be running some quick polls ahead of the event. Please take a moment to vote below, no registration required.

We want to hear from any founders worried about the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is having on funding.  Anonymous questions are welcome: to send one in simply click on the purple Post Anonymously button at the top of the question board.

We will be posing your questions to the speakers during the event, with the question board updated in real-time with their responses.

Thank you for your valuable insights, you are supporting the startup community at this critical time.

Here come the polls.

As we come out the coronavirus lockdown, do you feel you have opportunities to grow your business? Vote

Will you be submitting a grant application for Innovate UK or other government grant funding post-COVID? Vote

If you did submit an application for grant funding, will you use the services of a bid writer? Vote

What’s stopping you from going for Innovate UK grants or other government funding post-COVID? Vote

It is a challenge to navigate all the grant and funding opportunities available post-COVID. Vote

There are not enough grant and funding opportunities available for companies like mine post-COVID. Vote

Will you apply tor the Future Fund? Vote