Video Catchup: #VirtuallySpeaking Webinar on Remote Working and Homeschooling

In case you missed any of them, we have video from each of the #VirtuallySpeaking webinars we’ve run since the lockdown started. Woohoo!

Developed to help our community navigate the lockdown brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, and designed by the community using our social first quick polling platform over at Assenty, the webinars have become a valuable resource full of helpful tips and advice on combining remote working with keeping active, homeschooling and maintaining a healthy state of mind.

Last week’s webinar on Remote Working and Homeschooling was no different. Clocking in at just over an hour, it really is worth watching – there’s lots of valuable, practical advice on homeschooling effectively.

Sit back and enjoy our amazing all star all dad panel Matt Price (@MatthewPriceUK), Business Development Leader for Oracle for Startups and Dad to Georgia, aged 7, James Heggs (@eggsy84), CTO of Tech Returners and Dad to Eoghan aged 5, and Gary Aubin (@SENDMattersUK), Head of SEND at Future Academies and Dad to two children aged 2 and 6 as they share timely advice on home-learning, juggling remote work, parental guilt, managing expectations and much more. Watch now

After the event, Gary Aubin also provided some fantastic online resources in his presentation which can be accessed here.

For the curious among you, here is a short slide show showing the poll results shared at the start of the event.

We also have a question board, complete with answers from the social Q&A after the event.

We’re keen to know what you think about us running this event again. Let us know by reaching out on Twitter (we’re @assentyapp) on by joining our Community on Slack.

Webinar resources

Online resources for Remote Working and Homeschooling
Question Board: Remote Working and HomeSchooling
Pre-event polls results (slideshow): Remote Working and HomeSchooling