Virtually Speaking Webinar: Remote Working and Keeping Active

For the second event in our new Virtually Speaking series, we are doing a FREE webinar and social Q&A session on Remote Working and Keeping Active from 2pm to 3pm GMT on Monday 20th April.

Assenty founder Chi-chi Ekweozor (@thisischichi) will be joined by Make Events MD and self confessed fitness fanatic Holly Moore (@HollyMoore) Personal Trainer Kelly-Marie Williamson and Pro Boxer and Public Speaker Stacey Copeland (copelandboxer) who will be sharing how they’re keeping moving and motivated during lockdown, from workout plans and healthy eating to joining with others virtually for exercise and getting creative in your workouts!

How does it work?

You can get involved in three ways: you can sign up to attend the webinar on Zoom (it’s free), you can join the community on Slack and you can also send in questions for our speakers.

1. Register for the webinar

To register for the webinar, simply sign up by providing an email address. Details for logging on will be emailed to you.

2. Connect with the community

To connect with others attending before and after the webinar, please join the Community Slack groupwe have recently set up.

3. Send in your questions

We also have a question board ready for the social Q&A and we’d like you to send in your questions for our speakers at the Remote Working and Keeping Active webinar before 12 noon on Monday 20th April.

We are especially keen to hear from anyone worried about keeping active while self-isolating and/or looking after dependents.  Anonymous questions are welcome: to send one in simply click on the purple Post Anonymously button at the top of the question board

We will be posing your questions to the speakers during the webinar, with the question board updated in real-time with your responses.

We will also be running some quick polls on social media ahead of the event, like the ones you may have already taken part in this week. Please take a moment to vote in the first one, no registration required.

Many of us are staying at home, feeling restrictions on time and energy but it’s more important than ever to keep moving, we’re not commuting, we’re not getting to the gym and so it’s time to get creative around getting active and to find new motivation. Our panel of experts will share how they are keeping moving during the lockdown, the options available and practical steps for getting moving and looking after mind and body in the process.

We look forward to seeing you at the event!

Any questions, do reach out on Twitter or in the Slack group.