Masterclass: Supercharged Social Media for Event Organisers #SuperchargedSocial

Ever wondered how to get people talking about your event on social media before it happens?

You are not alone, it would seem.

According to the Event Marketing Institute, a total of 70% of top companies and brands ranked social marketing related to event programs as “extremely” or “very important”. Yet only 16% of the survey respondents say they are “very effective” at generating viral impact from their event and exhibition programs — and only 21% say they are “effective”.

The challenge is fresh content.

Content has to be fresh to go viral on social media, but to put it plainly, how do you create fresh content for something that is in the future?

This is where social Q&A comes in.

At Assenty we have pioneered a social Q&A platform that makes it easy to promote an event on social media by inviting questions for the speakers. This gets you fresh content to tweet or post on Facebook daily in the run up to the event!

Join us at the Supercharged Social Media for Event Organisers Masterclass to find out how to use social Q&A to spark conversations and buzz about an event on social media and get it trending before it takes place.

Places are going fast, sign up and bring your laptop or tablet along on Tuesday 23 January — the Supercharged Social Media for Event Organisers Masterclass is a free, hour long interactive training session designed to show you how to combine social Q&A with scheduled social media marketing for events and turn retweets into registrations.

Any questions? We’ve created a question board for you! Post your question on the Jan Masterclass Questions question board.

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