#NorthernStars – Everyone’s a Winner!

Amazing, amazing time at the Northern Stars grand final yesterday. Still letting it all sink in and Assenty was not one of the final 10! Congratulations to all the winners especially Mike Rohan (@mikerohanesq), CEO of HR tech disrupters Technically Compatible and my pitch practice buddy at the pitch training last week. He taught me so much!

Go forth and put Sunderland and the North on the map with Technically Compatible, Mike! You will smash those targets(!)

Blog retrospective next week, and more good news!

Some pictures from the night… the first picture in this post was taken a few minutes before the big reveal, announced by the indefatigable Esme Caulfield (@esme_caulfield) and our compere without compare Martin Byrant (@martinsfp).

Here is Mike to the right of David Andrews (@Mr_Andrews) from amazing educational technology startup Chatta, another comrade from the pitch training day.

This one was taken moments before Mike found out he was a winner!

Here’s all 10 winners!

You can see more pictures at this link and there is also the live stream of the event.

Here’s the official announcement of the winners.

Top night – thank you so much to Tech North (@TechNorthHQ) for this fantastic opportunity. It really has opened doors for Assenty.

And, on the word on diversity, it was news to me that there were more female co-founders than reflected in the lineup of 20 people pitching last night! I only just learnt that from Esme’s article.

Ladies… where were you??

I was so disheartened about being the only woman amongst the techie guys when we were all accounted for in the green room yesterday afternoon.

It’s been par for the course for me since sixth form but I had hoped that there may have been at least one other woman pitching last night. It is 2017, etc etc.

We need to get more brave.

I’m all hands about helping. Will blog more about this on my personal blog.

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