New Feature: Browser Notifications – #getnotified

Notifications are everywhere, in smartphone apps, desktop apps and now in the browser on Assenty.

Assenty is a real-time Q&A platform. Event organisers use Assenty to get a question board, a URL where anyone can post a question about an event, and receive an answer in real-time. Every question posted is up for the public vote and questions can also be rewarded, meaning you could walk away with the Gold Question Award 🏆, something to tweet about!

After the last blog post in which I announced support for email notifications, we thought we could go one better and notify people in the browser when a question they posted is voted on, answered or rewarded. We also notify the moderator (the person who created the question board) when questions are posted and voted on.

How does it work?

Let’s pretend you just received an email about an upcoming event you are attending and notice you were invited to post a question to the speakers on the event’s question board.

You decide to oblige, and send in a question for the Q&A panel.

As you navigate the Assenty dashboard, you will now receive notifications in the browser letting you know about any user activity on your question.

Here’s a visual example.

I visit the #getnotified question board, there’s only one question on there currently.

I post a question and notice that I’ve received a notification

I visit My Notifications page by clicking on the notification

and click on the View button to view it

And that makes the red notification go away

So, there you have it.

Never miss an acknowledgement about your latest post on Assenty with our new browser notifications feature.

What do you think?

We’d love to know your thoughts on this new feature.

Please give us a shout on Twitter (@assentyapp) or Facebook, more so if you have any comments, queries or suggestions. We’d love to help.

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