Daily Q&A – Day 11 – Top Cricket Bloggers

For those that follow it, cricket is a passion, not just a sport. And it is fitting that we are spotlighting top cricket bloggers on the Daily Q&A challenge on the day the England & Wales Cricket Board finalise negotiations that could potentially see the London Stadium hosting an England group match against old rivals Australia in the 2019 World Cup.


The London Stadium, or the London Olympic Stadium as it is more often called, is fondly remembered as the 60,000-seater London 2012 centrepiece that hosted the opening and closing ceremonies of the London 2012 Olympics.

Well, you learn something new every day!

On the topic of cricket blogs, as someone who knows precious little about the sport, I was somewhat gladdened to see the sense of humour evident in the naming of some of the most widely read blogs.

The Middle Stump, Legside Lizzy, The Old Batsman, those are just a few examples. And there’s something for ladies who, cricket, too. Crickette, was founded after a group of female cricket fans came together on Twitter to discuss their appreciation of the game.

Perhaps you are a diehard cricket fan with a burning question for a top cricket player? Or maybe you want to know how a top cricket blogger gets those interviews with the best players in the sport.

If you could ask a Top Cricket Blogger just one question, what would it be? And who would you ask?

Seeking Questions for Cricket Bloggers

We’ve built an interactive platform for asking and answering questions in real-time at assenty.com. It’s free to vote for and post questions, and incredibly easy to use, simply log in with Twitter, visit the relevant question board and post your question in seconds flat. And, because questions can be rewarded, you could nab Gold, Silver or Bronze question award, something to tweet about!

And, if you’re a blogger accustomed to manually tracking answers to the questions you post on Twitter, you’re in for a treat with Assenty! By using a question board hosted on the platform, each question is permanently linked to its answers, and the hashtag automatically added for you whenever a question is shared on social media! Learn more about answering questions live with Assenty.

Visit this question board to post your question to a top cricket blogger.

How to ask your question:

Here’s an example:
Peter Jackson Eastwood, The Full Toss: Can you name just one English County Cricketer who will never quite make it to the England side?

Is there a Prize?

The names that win the most votes will each be rewarded with a question board dedicated to the winner’s own Q&A session.

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From the previous Daily Q&A

And, in case you missed it, we’ve embedded a question from yesterday’s Q&A below:

Image credit: Live cricket video on Pinterest